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The Professor and Reuben: Why the Loss of Sitcom Icons Stings

When news broke that Russell Johnson - known to generations of television viewers simply as The Professor from Gilligan's Island - had died, Baby Boomers and post-Boomers alike immediately began expressing their sorrow at his passing, whether through social media or by reaching more

'New Girl' Vs. 'Girls': The Birthday Episodes

Maybe it's because they premiered within six months of each other, because they each gave a starring series role to an on-the-rise voice of female comedy, or - most simply, and most plausibly - because of the similarities of their titles. But New Girl and Girls have earned, more

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Who Were the MVPs of 'The Ebony Falcon'?

Terry Jeffords is a complicated man. He's a detective, a father, a talented artist, a yogurt connoisseur, and most importantly, The Ebony Falcon. This week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine brought another story arc to a close with Terry officially returning to field duty. Peralta and more

Will Dwight Schrute Hound Rainn Wilson in His New TV Show?

Rainn Wilson, who we all remember as Dwight Schrute from The Office, is going to be on his own show, Backstrom. He'll be playing a detective who has trouble relating with anyone and speaks his mind all the time. Basically it's House as a police detective. Oh wait. That would more

5 Most Shocking Surprises of the ‘Sherlock’ Finale

If "The Reichenbach Fall" wasn't surprising enough for fans of Sherlock, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss certainly outdid themselves in terms of shock value for "His Last Vow." This season has been a series of twists and turns just like any other, but the finale episode jam-packed more

Monica Talbot, You Are Perhaps The Worst Boss Ever

We knew Monica Talbot (Dawn Olivieri), Marty Kaan's (Don Cheadle) ex-wife on House of Lies, was crazy. Like potentially homicidal crazy. But the show never really presented Monica in action at her consulting firm. In the season three premiere, Monica raged hard against her more

BET Totally Nailed It With 'Being Mary Jane', But Let's Not Label It A Good 'Black' Show

Adultery, suicide, sexuality, class issues, politics, race issues, fashion, beautiful women and hot guys: just a few of the things you'll be faced with if and when you start tuning in to BET's original series Being Mary Jane. From Mara Brock Akil (the producer and writer more

5 Reasons We Want to Party with Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson is totally killing award season already, and we've still got several major ceremonies to go before we're through. Since the press tour for Saving Mr. Banks began, it's been clear that the star has been on the scene for too long to worry about anything but having more

Stars at the SAG Awards: Twitter Roundup

The year has kicked off into full celeb-gear, with the 20th annual SAG Awards being held on January 18. Big winners included Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club, Lupita Nyong'o for 12 Years A Slave and Breaking Bad, but we're even more interested in what more

Which Nominee the Best Shot at the Oscar - 'American Hustle,' '12 Years a Slave,' or 'Gravity'?

Another weekend, another awards show, and another chance to predict the outcome of the Oscar race. This time, however, a wrench was thrown into the works when three different films took home the Best Picture title from two different academies, both of whom are considered to more

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