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About Phoenix Hydration

Phoenix Hydration is an Alkaline Antioxidant Water Company. Unlike water that is in stores, our water is freshly ionized, which ensures real hydration! Ionized water comes from an ionizer that separates the acidic water that has pesticides and heavy metals. After the separation process the water filters through the minerals and produces fresh Alkaline water. Water consists of PH (potential hydrogen), ORP (oxidation reduction potential), and TDS (total dissolvable solids). Together , this can determine if water hydrates the body or dehydrates the body. Most water in stores have a positive ORP, which means the body will not absorb the water, therefore allowing free radicals ro stay in the body. Phoenix Hydration has a PH of 9.5-10.5, ORP is -600-750, and we use real minerals instead of adding chemicals to the water. The benefits of Phoenix Hydration are increased energy, weight loss, real hydration, elimination of toxics, clear skin, brain health, cholesterol reduction, it also helps reverse diabetes and high blood pressure. We test our water weekly and we also test water on site. If you want to experience real hydration, we are happy to serve you. Our bottles are BPA free and we have Alkaline items for all your hydration needs.